Netresh Sharma, a Rajasthan Police constable, is being praised for saving a baby amid Saturday’s communal violence in Karauli. A photo of the constable rushing through the small streets of Karauli with the child in his arms has gone viral on social media.

The police constable can be seen rushing through blazing houses via small lanes while holding the newborn firmly in front of him in a photo released by Senior Superintendent of Police of Shamli, IPS Sukriti Madhav Mishra.

On Nav Samvatsar, the first day of the Hindu calendar, stones were thrown at a motorcycle rally travelling through a Muslim-dominated area of Karauli, resulting in communal clashes. In total, 46 persons have been detained as a result of the event.

Sharma told Dainik Bhaskar that he went through the flames and into the home since duty is the most important thing to him.

He said that he was leading the procession on a motorbike patrol to ensure its safety. He hurried back as the stone pelting began and discovered two persons seated on the road. They were hurt and asked him to take them to the hospital, which he did.

The policeman further said that shops were set on fire and cops were busy dousing the flames and rescuing people.

“I suddenly saw a house in the middle of two shops that were burning with two-three women trapped inside. One of them had a child in her arms. As soon as I saw that scene, I rushed into the house,” Sharma said, according to an NDTV report.

“The flames were closing in on the door. The women begged me to help and I told them to give me the child who was already wrapped in a shawl. I took the child in my arms and I told the mother and the other women in the house to run out behind me,” he added.