A cow smuggler was killed by the police in Alwar, Rajasthan on Thursday. A group of 5-7 smugglers were seen carrying cows in the town on a small truck. On receiving the information about the smuggling attempt, local police immediately got into action and blocked the roads, however, the smugglers broke the barriers placed by police and open fired on the officers. One of the members was shot in the retaliatory fire by the police and later succumbed to his injuries. Similar incidents have happened in the area before, where cow vigilantes have assaulted and killed people for illegal cow trading and smuggling.

As per the Alwar police, the incident happened around 2 am, the attempt was thwarted but all other smugglers except the one shot dead managed to flee. “Around 2 am, a vehicle with 5-7 people was seen carrying cows in Rajasthan’s Alwar.The police control room immediately blocked roads on receiving this information but the vehicle carrying cows broke barriers and people in the vehicle fired upon police personnel,” said Rahul Prakash the Superintendent of Police. At least 5 cows were rescued from the possession of the smugglers, ”One person got shot in retaliatory fire by police and succumbed to injuries later, others are absconding. We found 5 cows badly injured and are now being treated,” added the SP.

Earlier on November 10, one person was shot dead by the cow vigilantes in Alwar. Ummar, Tahir and driver Javed, were returning from Dausa with cattle when they were allegedly assaulted by a group of cow vigilantes. Ummar was shot at and succumbed to his injuries while Tahir and Javed managed to escape. Two gau rakshaks admitted the assault four days after the incident. Tahir claimed he was also shot in the altercation, however, police alleged that he has faked the bullet injury.