The Ashok Gehlot-led government on Tuesday has written to Governor Kalraj Mishra urging him to allow convening the assembly session from July 31. Issuing a clarification on the three conditions put forth by governor, Congress responded that calling for an assembly session and ensuring its smooth conduct is the speaker’s prerogative. Moreover, it is the advisory committee that decides the agenda of the assembly session.

Earlier in the day, Rajasthan state cabinet met at CM Ashok Gehlot’s residence. After the cabinet meeting, Transport minister Pratap Singh said that the party doesn’t want any clashes with the governor, as he is the head of the family. He pointed out that the governor cannot deny the cabinet’s proposal for an assembly session as it is mentioned in the constitution. He further expressed that he hopes the governor will approve the proposal of starting the session from July 31.

Another cabinet minister Harish Chaudhary, speaking to a news portal, said that it is their right to call the assembly. They have formulated replies to Governor’s concerns but it is ultimately the governor’s prerogative on how the session will be held. Terming it as ‘extraordinary circumstances’, Chaudhary pointed out that other assembly sessions are being held in the country. He added that the cabinet is likely to send the proposal to the Governor today.

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Amid pressure from Congress to convene an assembly session, Rajasthan governor Kalraj Mishra on Monday clarified that Raj Bhavan never intended to not call the assembly session. He has asked the state government to deliberate on giving a 21-day to all members to as to ensure equal opportunity to all members. He further asked them to come up with an arrangement that doesn’t put the health of 200 MLAs and 1000 officials under risk.

If anyone gets an infection, how would they prevent its spread to others, he further quipped. In the letter, Kalraj Mishra also clarified that it is his constitutional duty to not endanger the life of 1200 people by not calling a session without any special urgency.

Adamant on calling an assembly session to prove majority, Ashok Gehlot had earlier said that the Congress party would also approach the president and stage protest outside PM Modi’s residence if required. He also alleged that there is ‘pressure from the top’ on Governor against calling an assembly session. Amid the political turmoil in Rajasthan, Congress had alleged that there have been attempts to topple the government and pressed horse-trading charges against the opposition. Former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot, on the other hand, has argued that opposing the party’s leadership cannot be regarded as changing sides or going against the party.

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