On the eve of International Women’s Day, a senior official of Rajasthan Women’s Commission irked the sentiments of people all across the country with her controversial remark. While addressing women on March 7, the Rajasthan Women’s Commission chairperson Suman Sharma claimed: “today no broad-chested man with thick chest hair can be seen which was the dream of every woman earlier”. She further stated that men today wear low-waist jeans and cannot even handle it properly. Emphasising that the male society has become incompetent, the chairperson claimed that how can a man, who cannot handle his jeans, will protect his sisters.

Stating that the broad-chested men which were once the dream of every woman are no longer visible, Suman Sharma also advised the women that should not be feeling ‘unbound’ in the name of freedom that may result in an imbalance in the society. Suman Sharma who was earlier the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) women’s wing chief, asked, “There was a time when every girl used to desire a man, who has a broad chest and thick chest hair. But today, no broad-chested man can be seen and they wear sagging jeans. How can one, who can’t even handle his jeans, protect sisters?”

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Highlight that the ‘zero’ figure among girls was a fashion but what had happened to men who have started wearing earrings with low-waist jeans. She further claimed that those men look like girl. Demanding a change among men on their dressing styles, Suman Sharma said, “I am not criticising…but we need to change this. We need to prepare boys with broad chests and it is our responsibility and the responsibility of mothers to inculcate values among the children”. Stirring a controversy, she said, that woman also cannot go long way if they leave men behind. She added that both a men and women are parallel to each other and this cycle should not be disturbed. Rajasthan’s women’s chief said, “Balance should be there in the society, and women should take a pledge that we will inculcate values in our children and play a positive and constructive role in building a good society”.

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