Connecting the National Capital with the rest of India, the Rajdhani Express is all set to undergo major structural changes to provide space for 2 more passenger coaches and to reduce the travel time by several minutes to hours. According to reports, the railways will introduce twin-engine operation in Rajdhani that will use the electricity from the overhead power cables instead of the power cars attached to the train that once replaced will make space for 2 extra AC coaches.

Extra AC coaches would carry another 100 plus passengers increasing the capacity from the current 1200 to 1300 passengers. The twin-engine tech has been approved by the Research Design and Standards Organisation of the Indian Railways and the first commercial run of Rajdhani using the tech was done on February 13.

This twin-engine operation uses push and pulls technique meaning, that 2 locomotives will be attached to the train, one at the front and other at the rear. While the front one pulls the train, the rear one pushes the train, increasing the speed of the train by many folds.

Currently, the train runs at 130 kmph and after the addition of twin-engine, this will increase to 160 kmph, thus reducing travel time by hours.

“We have proposed all Rajdhanis to be operated under push-pull method as it will not only save time but also increase the revenue by giving space for more passengers,” said one of the senior railway officials was quoted by the Hindustan Times as saying.

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