Thursday, September 29, 2022

Rajnath Singh presents Rs 5 million for training aids in Telecommunication University of Nha Trang

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Defense Minister Rajnath Singh paid a visit to the Telecommunication University in Nha Trang, Vietnam today, and presented a check for 5 million Indian rupees to be used for the purchase of training equipment.

The Vietnam People’s Army – the Vietnam Propaganda Unit of the Liberation Army, the first main force founded on December 22, 1944, on the directive of late President Ho Chi Minh, is recognized for receiving training from the university.

“Today I went to Nha Trang’s Telecommunication University. The University has made a significant contribution to the Vietnam People’s Army’s training. A cheque for 5 million Indian rupees was presented for the purchase of training aids “Singh stated in a tweet.

The Vietnam Propaganda Unit of the Liberation Army united with the National Salvation Army on May 15, 1945, and became the Liberation Army, the Front of Vietnam Independence League’s major armed force during the General Uprising to gain state power in the August Revolution in 1945. The Vietnam People’s Army was renamed the Vietnam People’s Army in 1950.

Earlier today, Vietnam’s Air Force Officers Training School received a USD 1 million donation from the Defense Minister for the creation of a language and IT laboratory.

“Today, I am thrilled to present a one-million-dollar gift to the School for the development of a language and information technology laboratory. I am optimistic that the laboratory will make a significant contribution to improving language and information technology abilities among Vietnam Air Defense and Air Force personnel “Singh sent out a tweet.

On Thursday, the Defense Minister also handed over 12 high-speed guard boats to the Vietnam Border Guard, which were built at the Hong Ha Shipyard under a USD 100 million line of credit provided by the Indian government.

India and Vietnam inked a “Joint Vision Statement” for Defense Partnership for the year 2030 on Wednesday in order to expand the breadth and scale of defense cooperation between the two countries.

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