Friday, September 30, 2022

Rajya Sabha polls: JD(S) MLA Srinivasa Gowda claims he voted for Congress

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As polling for the Rajya Sabha for four Rajya Sabha seats began on Friday, Karnataka JD(S) MLA K Srinivasa Gowda claimed he voted in favour of Congress.

“I have voted for Congress… because I adore it”, Gowda remarked after casting his vote.

Earlier in the day, Janata Dal (Secular) chairman HD Kumaraswamy accused Congress leader Siddaramaiah of pressuring JDS MLAs to vote for the grand old party’s candidate instead of their own party’s candidate in the Karnataka Rajya Sabha elections.

When asked about Siddaramaiah’s assertions that some JD(S) MLAs were in contact with him, Kumaraswamy said “Without a doubt. He is pressuring them to vote against the JD(S) “.

Siddaramaiah had denied issuing an open letter to JDS MLAs demanding that they cast their “conscience vote” in favour of his party’s nominee, according to the former Karnataka chief minister.

The leader of the JD(S) added “He (Siddaramaiah) declared today in front of the local media that he did not write to my MLAs. From his social media account, he had even tweeted the letter. He’s now disputing what he said the day before. This demonstrates his hypocrisy.”

Kumaraswamy further said that BJP general secretary CT Ravi was seen visiting the Karnataka Congress office.

“CT Ravi is the BJP’s general secretary, but how did he get into Congress? This demonstrates that CT Ravi met with Siddaramaiah to thank him for his assistance in the BJP candidate’s victory “he stated.

He exuded confidence, claiming that the JD(S) has already secured 30-31 seats in the Rajya Sabha.

He went on to say that “We believe we will receive 30-31 votes. K Srinivasa Gowda of the JD(S) has stated that he will vote for Congress. Let’s have a look, shall we? “

In Karnataka, the JD(S) has fielded Kupendra Reddy, an entrepreneur and social worker, as its first candidate in the Rajya Sabha election, while the Congress has fielded Mansoor Ali Khan as its second candidate in an attempt to corner the JD(S) and send Kupendra Reddy to the Rajya Sabha.

Six people are running for four Rajya Sabha seats in Karnataka.

Former state chief minister and Janata Dal (Secular) leader HD Kumaraswamy asked Congress on Thursday to give JDS its second preferential votes if it truly wanted to defeat the BJP.

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