Amid the campaigning for Gujarat assembly election 2017, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday slammed Kapil Sibal’s plea in the case asking to defer the hearing of the case until 2019 Lok Sabha election. Prime Minister Modi further added that he does not have a problem if Kapil Sibal is representing the Muslim community in the case but linking the dispute with 2019 Lok Sabha election is not proper. The fresh BJP-Congress slugfest features after Congress vice-president was accused by BJP of visiting temples to woo Hindu voters.

While addressing an election rally in Dhandhuka area of Gujarat, Prime Minister Modi fired fresh salvo at Congress and said, “Now the Congress links the Ram Mandir with elections. They are least bothered about the nation.” Kapil Sibal on Tuesday told the Supreme Court that whenever the Ayodhya matter is heard, there are serious repercussions outside the court. He requested the court in order to maintain the law and order situations the matter should be taken up after July 15, 2019 once the Lok Sabha elections are over. However, the plea of the senior lawyer was rejected by the apex court.

After this remark of Kapil Sibal in the Supreme Court, Sunni Waqf Board on Wednesday virtually disowned Kapil Sibal. The Sunni Waqf Board said that they did not ask Kapil Sibal to seek postponement of the case. “Yes, Kapil Sibal is our lawyer but he is also related to a political party. His statement in the Supreme Court yesterday was wrong… we want a solution to the issue at the earliest,” Haji Mehboob of the Sunni Waqf Board said.

Prime Minister Modi hailing the move by the Sunni Waqf Board said, “The Sunni Waqf Board must be congratulated for their brave stand on the matter and disassociating themselves from the statement of Kapil Sibal ji.”

On Tuesday BJP president Amit Shah also attacked the Congress over the same issue. Shah said that Congress should come out with their take on the issue. Amit Shah further added that “on one hand Rahul Gandhi is busy visiting temples in Gujarat while on the other hand Kapil Sibal wants to delay the Ram Janmbhoomi case”. Amit Shah also questioned the double standards of Congress and asked them to clarify their stand in Ayodhya Ram Temple issue. “A surprising stand was taken in the Supreme Court by Congress leader and Sunni Waqf Board lawyer Kapil Sibal ji. He said hearing should be deferred till after 2019 Lok Sabha polls. The Congress Party should clear its stand if it wants to resolve the matter as early as possible or not,” Amit Shah was quoted as saying.