Hyderabad’s Chilkuri Balaji temple ex head priest revolutionary Dr. Soundararajan and his son and present Chief priest Rangarajan have been actively participating in temple protection movement in South India. Both of them were part of Ramajanma Bhoomi movement of Ayodhya. Dr. Soundar Rajan and Rangarajan are legal luminaries with high scientific temperament and influential in the south. the Daily Guardian met both of them on the ocassion of Ram temple foundation stone to be laid. Lets go into the details…

Q) After years of legal battle – the ground breaking ceremony for the temple is finally going to happen. What are Your thoughts?

Rangarajan: Its a great blessing for all the devotees of Lord Rama all over the world. Lord Rama finally won a long legal battle through constitutional process. The Judiciary has finally recognized the legal rights of Deity . We are all thankful to the judiciariy. a decades old wrong was corrected. we doubted whether we would see Ram temple in Ayodhya. We are thankful to the Government of India. With the consensus of all sections of people , the temple must be built as soon as possible. every section of society should be involved. The sreeranga kshetram is housing Lord Ranganath Swamy Which belongs to Lord Rama’s dynasty. they are sending the divine mud of Cauvery River, and mud is sent from southren Ayodhya i.e. Badrachalam which is on the banks of river Godavari. we plan many programmes on 5th of this month at Badrachalam. Rama is the culture of our country. the South Korea, Cambodia, Indonesia all of them have connection with Ayodhya.

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Q2) Considering that the mandir is getting constructed unopposed – would you say that it’s a symbol of India’s unity? what according to you would be significance of this event?

Rangarajan : Lord Rama is an embodiment of Dharma itself. Rama’s personification is acceptable to all sections of society . other faiths too appreciate it. Muslims also contribute to the construction of temple. So all sections of Society are involved. I have seen on NewsX Muslims in Ayodhya are stiching clothes for Lord Rama’s idol. its a cultural identitiy of the country.

Q3) Given the Covid pandemic – do you think a physical ceremony is the right way our should there be a virtual ceremony?

Rangarajan : Even Covid-19 pandemic is there, The Silanyas cannot be done virtually. the Bhumipoojan cannot be done virtually. So the number of participants are restricted . My father and I participated in Ayodhya movement – Ramjanma Bhumi andolan. if there were no Covid 19, my father and our family would have gone to Ayodhya. The government is taking all precautions now to stop covid 19 . I dont find anything wrong in physical ceremony. unless we lay foundation stone , We cannot construct a temple. Virtually means in Sanskrit Maya . that Maya is not base for anything.

Q4. ) What are the rights The deity in the constitution ? Since u have fought for Padmanabha Swamy too –

Ranjagaranaj : the rights of Deities are a question mark after the judgment on Sabarimala temple. The Supreme court gave one unfortunate judgment , We impleaded in that. We went for a review. the judgment on Ayodhya says that the Deity has rights to satisfy his spiritual purposes. the diety’s rights are recognised. In Ananta Padmanabhaswamy’s judgment, the deity is the ruler of the temple. He is considred as the ruler. We have written a letter to the petition to the President of India to recognise constitutional rights of deities. Once Rama temple is constructed, once Rama is invoked in Murthy. What are the rights of him. unless we provide exclusive rights like the worship should be done as per his wishes. If citizenship is given to him deity, the problem will be solved.

Q5. ) What will you say to politicians Owaisi has slammed the PM for attending the event – saying that it’s a violation?

Rangarajan : I request Owasi to rethink about his statement. He should not think in religious perspective alone. Rama is not religious figure and he is the culture of India and identification of the nation . Rama is legacy for us. So one should not think in the religious angle.

Q6.) What will you say to seers who say the ‘muhurat’ isn’t auspicious for event?

Rangarajan : there are different views. Better late than never. For Rama there is no Muhurtham. Sri Rama is beyond Muhurat and all. The time when we start construting the temple that’s the Muhurtam. they did not see Muhurat to destroy the temple. This is Sravana month, its auspicious month.

Q7. By when do you think the Mandir construction will be complete? Do you think it’ll be over before the ‘24 polls?

Rangarajan : We want the temple as early as possible. we are not into electoral politics. in this Narendra Modi’s regime , it should be completed.

Q8.) The mandir has always been an electoral issue, once it’s made do you think it would still be an electoral issue ?

Rangarajan : Mandir is an issue of our belief and sentiment. My best wishes to Modi and Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath. They have to complete as soon as possible. Unless the rights of deity’s rights properly defined by article 26 of the constitution, We will not be able to protect our temple system.

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