Revered writer and eminent historian Ramachandra Guha in an interview to a news agency compared BJP president Amit Shah to Pakistan founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah. “In some ways, you can even compare him (Jinnah) to Amit Shah as he says, ‘I will win election whatever happens’ and Jinnah said, ‘I will get Pakistan whatever happens, even at the cost of dead bodies’, ” Guha was quoted by The Week as saying.

Guha, speaking about his new book, Gandhi: The Years That Changed The World, 1914-1948, described Muhammad Ali Jinnah to PTI as straightforward figure and said that he was at best an astute politician driven by a single agenda.

“Jinnah, from the early 1930s, had one-point agenda, build Pakistan with me as a leader,” Guha told PTI in an interview.

“He was a relatively straightforward figure from the 1930s onward when he was consumed by his new desire to create a new country of which he would be a leader,” said Guha.

Guha’s latest book tells the story of Gandhi’s life from the time he left South Africa to his assassination in 1948. This book is the second part of the 2-volume biography of Mahatma Gandhi’s life.

Guha’s new book was launched on September 11 and traces many events of Gandhi’s life, from his ideology, political ideas, dreams to struggle. Guha’s book highlights the many strands of the Indian freedom movement and the formation of the Indian government.


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