Centuries have conceded in search of ‘Roti, Kapda aur Makan’, to what we call ‘Food, Clothing
and Shelter’. These have been the basic necessities in everyone’s life. However, expected
progress has still not been relatively accomplished in this 21st century because of the absence
of awareness and education around the globe including India. When India was not an
independent nation, the citizens were purposely kept secluded from education and most of them
were exemplarily treated as hard-working labourers. Things have rapidly changed after
independence, as every citizen now has the right to education through which humans can
pursue and progress in any field.

However, awareness needs to be penetrated and hence the role of Socio-Political leaders is
essential. Social activist’s contribution was predominantly placed on the center point of
development and pursuing education for every child was much emphasized upon. Ravi
Agrawal, a social reformist from Aurangabad took over these challenges and he organized
many campaigns in the interior parts of Aurangabad and surrounding villages to ensure illiterate
inhabitants were made aware of the advantages of education. His campaigns were deeply
poised in the minds of ordinary dwellers, resulted in parents sending their children to school.
Eventually, campaigns transformed Agrawal into an educationalist entrepreneur.

With the support of central and local governments, he extended his campaigns in the many
villages of India. For the betterment of students, he helped in building the training centers to
foster suitable jobs for competent students. By his consistent efforts, many students have
independently fit themselves into self-employment and have become successful entrepreneurs
in their businesses. Having a goal to become a political leader, the ideology of BJP appealed to
him the most. He is presently politically associated as a District Vice-President of BJP Yuva
Morcha and socially linked as a President of Bhramhastra Multipurpose Education and Service

Ravi Agrawal says, “Backbone of the economy is educational institutions of the country. The
states with higher literacy rate are flourishing compared to the states with less literacy rate. My
end-goal is to make India a developed nation.” He further stated that employment is not only
aimed at self-survival but also intended to ensure development across the country. “Nothing
less than self-reliance is warranted but it is possible only if people are more educated and
skilled,” added Ravi. The politician and social worker who has had a rough patch in his career is
now one of the influential names in the country. Besides working as a social worker, he is a
smart entrepreneur who has had made ventures in various businesses, thus inspiring many
young business minds of the country.