A retired Indian Air Force officer from Assam in his suicide note referred to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and former finance minister P Chidambaram and blamed the latter for the sluggish economy. Fifty-five-year-old Bijan Das hanged himself in a hotel room in Allahabad’s Khuldabad area and addressed the suicide note to PM Modi.

He was staying in Prayag Hotel since September 6 and it was in the evening of September 7 that hotel suspected something was wrong when Das did not come out of his room, subsequently, the staff barged into the room and found him hung from a ceiling fan.

The deceased in his five-page letter blamed Chidambaram for the economic slowdown and supported Modi-led ruling government. The mysterious death, which is apparently a suicide, surprised many when they saw Rs 1500 amount left by Das for his cremation. Other than 1500 and suicide note, he had also left Rs 500 for the hotel bill. In the suicide note, he had also written that he could not afford to leave more money for his cremation.

Throughout the letter, Das blamed the UPA regime for the current state of Indian economy accusing it of scams. He said it was due to UPA’s financial mismanagement that he could not do much after retirement.

He said the financial blunder made under Congress government has its repercussions now, and it was totally wrong to blame Modi government for the decelerating economy. Referring to demonetisation, which has been termed as the major reason for slow economic growth, the deceased said note ban and GST could have temporarily affected the economy but no entirely.

He also referred to the INX media case in which Chidambaram has been booked by CBI and Enforcement Directorate.  He urged PM Modi to support his son become a singer, a former contestant of the singing reality show Saregamapa Little Champs. Das said he could not help his son achieve his dream due to financial constraints.

Further in the letter, Das requested the state administration not to let his family attend his funeral as he didn’t want his son to see his body.

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