According to the latest media reports, the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh’s shakhas (branches) have been decreased drastically since the inception of the Centre-led-Modi government in 2014. If we observe the 2014 statistics, there was an expansion of 2001 RSS branches, while in 2015, these numbers rose to 6350. However, later in 2017, it was decreased to 664.

If we witness the latest numbers, it’s a bad news for RSS, as according to media reports, in the year 2009 when RSS Mohan Bhagwat began his tenure, the number of (shakas) branches were 43905.  However, later in the year 2010, the numbers declined to 39,823.

Observing it as an alarming situation, Mohan Bhagwat started working towards improving the condition. Therefore, the results were phenomenal.

In 2011, the numbers rose from 85 to 39,908. Contrary to it, in 2012, 983 branches increased over 40, 000 and in 2013 the branches rose by 2,000. The number of branches reached at 42,981.

Even in 2014, these estimates continued to rise on an average and with an addition of 2000 more applications, the numbers reached at 44,982.

Also, in 2015, there was a massive rise in the numbers and in 2016 a simultaneous increase of 6350 applicants made these numbers to reach 51 thousand and later crossed over 51, 332

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After this, in 2016, there was a fall in the numbers and with an addition of 5,237, the number of total branches increased and the numbers reached to 56,569. However, again in the year, a reduction in the numbers was witnessed. Therefore, in 2017, the numbers couldn’t multiply.

Nevertheless, in the year 2018, the numbers were increased from 664 and reached till 57,233. Comprehensively speaking, these numbers have increased from 1734 and this statistic has been reached to 58,967.

Presently, under PM Modi’s tenure, on an average 350 people are participating through an online based system in the organisation. Interestingly, these numbers were doubled in 2014, when the former president attended an RSS event and continued for three to four days.

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The applications to participate in the organisation were flooded. Earlier, RSS said that the applicants’ numbers were increased by five times. Strangely, RSS received the majority of the applications from West Bengal. After receiving a huge response from West Bengal, RSS even thanked the former president Pranab Mukherjee.