The 16-year-old, standard 11th student arrested by CBI in connection with the murder of Ryan International School student Pradyuman Thakur has been sent to an observation home in Faridabad till the next hearing in the case. The accused teenager who CBI reported had confessed killing Pradyuman inside the school’s toilet will be kept in the Observation Home until November 22, which is the next hearing date. CBI on Friday also issued a clean chit to the bus conductor who was arrested by Gurugram Police in relation to the murder. Bus conductor Ashok Kumar had admitted to the crime on camera on the very same day of the murder, but CBI’s month-long investigation contradicted Gurugram police’s claims and revealed that Kumar had no role in the murder.

CBI on Friday said that the agency had identified the 16-year-0ld student as the prime suspect within weeks of taking up the case from the Gurugram Police on September 22. CBI sources confirmed that the class 11 student’s home was searched by the officials and some items were seized by them with the permission of the court. CBI didn’t deny the possibility of a few other people involved in the crime but have so far not apprehended anyone. The investigation is on and the agency is trying to determine if there were others involved in the crime directly or indirectly a said a CBI officer.

According to CBI, the knife which was obtained by the Gurugram police was the only weapon used in the crime, however, CBI disapproved the claim that the knife belonged to the bus conductor as quoted by the Gurugram police. The conductor who is soon going to be released has said that he might sue the Gurugram police for framing me once he is out.

The class 11 student quoted exams and an upcoming parent’s teacher meeting prompted him to execute the crime. An average student, he wanted the parent’s teacher meeting and the exams to be postponed. Pradyuman was not his prime target but, fell into his trap as he happened to be at the wrong place at wrong time. The 7-year-old boy was found dead with his throat slit in the morning on September 8. His body was found near the school’s toilet.

CBI after examining the CCTV footages and interrogating several teachers, students and other school staff had arrested the 16-year-old class 11 student as the main accused in the case. The CBI on Saturday took the apprehended student back to Ryan International School in order to recreate the crime scene. He was later in the day presented before the Juvenile Justice Board which ordered that he should be sent to Faridabad Observation Home till the next hearing.