After CBI’s probe in the 7-year-old Ryan International School student Pradyuman Thakur’s murder case deemed a class 11 student as the main culprit, it has put the Gurugram Police under scanner as the police in its investigation had targeted a school bus conductor claiming that he was the accused. The police had wrapped up the case by arresting the conductor within hours of the incident. The bus driver Ashok Kumar had also admitted to the crime, but the CBI investigation in the matter now lights up the other side of the story which reveals that the knife used in the killing was planted on Kumar by Gurugram police and he was falsely accused in the case. The bus conductor might get a clean cheat and get a bail soon.

With almost two months into the probe, CBI concluded that the knife used in the crime didn’t belong to the bus driver as portrayed by the Gurugram Police but was rather brought by the accused teenager. The class 11 student was taken to the crime spot inside the Ryan International School and was directed to reconstruct the whole crime scene. He took the CBI officials to the local shop from where he had brought the knife. The knife was bought by the juvenile from a local shop and he brought it with him inside the school. This is the only knife which was recovered and so the claim of Gurugram police that Ashok Kumar brought it inside the school and used it to kill the boy has no basis whatsoever,” said CBI.

Bus conductor Ashok Kumar has now sought bail from the concerned authorities, as per an NDTV report, his wife Mamta has said that they are likely to sue the Gurugram police for framing him. CBI took over the investigation of the case on September 22, after Pradyuman’s father had demanded a fully fledged investigation dissatisfied by the police’s probe. After investigating the matter and questioning the school teachers, employees and the students, the agency declared the class 11 student was the real culprit and postponing of an upcoming exam and a parents teacher meeting was his real motivation behind executing the crime. The agency further revealed that the accused hadn’t targeted Pradyuman and that he just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. A CBI official revealed that the accused had slit Pradyuman’s throat within seconds and left the toilet.

The Gurugram police said they had found the knife under the arrested bus conductor’s possession which was later contradicted by the CBI probe which said that the knife had been obtained from the crime scene (bathroom).  The police had also claimed that the bus conductor had tried to sexually assault Pradyuman and following resistance from the victim he slit his throat which now appears to be false as the CBI has denied any sexual assault in the case.

The CCTV footage as per the CBI had Ashok, the accused student and one more student come out of the toilet before Pradyuman was seen collapsing on floor, the base on which the police apprehended the bus conductor. Both Pradyuman’s parents and the bus conductor’s wife were suspicious about police’s investigation and had alleged biasness.

A class 2 student, 7-year-old Pradyuman Thakur was murdered inside the toilet of Ryan International School in Gurugram on September 8, 2017. After the class 11 student’s arrest, Pradyuman’s family demanded that the accused 16-year-old should be tried as an adult and given appropriate punishment. Meanwhile, accused father maintained that his son was innocent and that he was the one who alerted the gardener and others about the death.

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