The investigation in Ryan International School student Pradyuman Thakur’s murder case has got a complete new twist now, with the accused 16-year old teenager retracting his confession made to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The standard 11th student has now told a legal cum probation officer that he is innocent and was forced into admitting the crime through physical assault by the CBI officials. Earlier the father of the accused had denied the allegations on his son and had claimed CBI had used force to make his son admit to the crime.

As per reports, the boy refrained from his earlier claims and told the officers that he didn’t commit the crime and is being framed. The CBI after taking up the case on September 22 had declared that the 16-year-old teenager was the main culprit of the murder and he had done so to postpone an upcoming exam. The CBI had also alleged that the boy had confessed to the crime in front of the investigating officers, his father and a few other witnesses. Despite the declaration, the boy’s father had told ANI that his son was thrashed and tortured to accept the crime.

According to a Hindustan Times report, the accused had a completely different narrative of the incident day. He told the probation officers that, on the day of the incident he visited a temple near his house before coming to school. He waited near the cooler for a couple of minutes as one of his friends told him to wait there. He said, he later went on to the music room to meet the music teacher who had recently lost her father as his friend didn’t show up.

Upon reaching the music room, he found out that it was locked, so he decided to go to the washroom, where he heard screams of a boy who was dripped with blood. He then immediately informed the gardener about the boy and also rushed to his teachers to inform them.

Earlier the CBI gave a clean chit to bus conductor Ashok Kumar, who as per the agency’s reports was present inside the toilet when the incident happened. Gurugram Police had arrested the school bus conductor on September 8, the day of the crime and had declared that Kumar had admitted to the crime. CBI in relation to the botch-up in the case had questioned the Gurugram Police SIT officials about why various imperative details had been ignored in the case.

The arrested juvenile accused was presented to the Juvenile Justice Board, which ordered the teen to be kept in an Observation home until the next hearing. 

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