After 2 months from the day when a class 2 student, 7-year-old Pradyuman Thakur was murdered inside the toilet of Ryan International School in Gurugram on September 8, 2017, CBI apprehended a class 11 student in connection with the murder who confessed to the crime during the investigation. Pradyuman’s father Barunn Thakur, who was not happy with the Haryana Police’s probe in the matter had demanded a CBI investigation in the case and now he said he was finally satisfied with how things have progressed, demanding stern action against the accused.

The CBI after confirming his role in the chilling murder case took him to the crime spot inside the Ryan International School earlier today and will present him in front of the magistrate to record his statement soon. The knife which was the only weapon used in the gruesome killing was recovered by the Gurugram Police and has been handed over to the CBI for investigation. Along with the accused, other students, teachers and ex-employees of the school were also questioned in the probe. The agency also wants the arrested teenager to identify the particular shop where he got the weapon from.

Pradyuman’s family meanwhile demanded strict punishment for the accused. “The age of the arrested student falls into the category of 16 to 18. Therefore, there is an option with the board to try him as an adult. We demand a strict punishment for him, and we`ll ensure he is tried as an adult and is hanged till death,” said Sushil Tekriwal, the advocate of Pradyuman`s family. Pradyuman’s father Barun Thakur also said, the teenager apprehended by CBI should be “tried as an adult.”

CBI officials meanwhile, maintained that the teenager will be produced before the juvenile court and the justice board will decide if he has to be treated as a minor or an adult. The accused will be tried as an adult if the juvenile court is convinced that he was capable of committing the horrendous crime on his own.

Pradyuman’s mother Sushma Thakur also expressed her agreement with the accused student’s arrest. “If CBI has caught hold of that child then they must have had some evidence or proof. We have been saying this from the start that not only us, no one was able to digest the theory of the police,” said Pradyuman’s mother.

Gurugram Police which is now under the scanner of botching up the case has defended itself by alleging that they had to hand over the reports to CBI at initial stages which didn’t allow them to finish the case. “There was no pressure at all. We did an honest attempt to bring justice to the family, the Gurugram Police Commissioner said in the department’s defence after the accused was arrested by the CBI. The police had earlier arrested a school conductor immediately after the incident and had so far deemed him as the accused.