Commenting on Rajasthan Congress MLA, Giriraj Singh Malinga’s allegation, Sachin Pilot said that he is saddened but not surprised to be at receiving end of such unsubstantiated, infuriating claims.

Malinga asserted that Pilot offered him Rs 35 Crore to cross vote in Rajya Sabha polls.

The former deputy CM, Sachin Pilot, also said that this is simply done to defame him and to suppress valid concerns he raised as a member and MLA of Congress, against Rajasthan party leadership. This attempt further aims to malign him and attack his reliability.

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The narrative is being diverted to avoid talking about the main issue, Pilot added.

To cross-vote in Rajya Sabha elections, Sachin Pilot, former Deputy CM, offered me Rs. 35 Crore, Girraj Singh Malinga, a congress MLA From Badi, Rajasthan claimed on Monday. Malinga said that he refused the offer.

The incident took place in December and again prior to the Rajasthan Rajya Sabha elections at his home, Girraj added.

Malinga represents the Bari constituency.

He informed Ashok Gehlot, Rajasthan CM, about the incident, said Singh.

Malinga said that he, too, had offers but he declined. He had talked to Sachin Ji, who asked him to change sides but he refused by saying that this is not right, he will not do it for money. He further said that in BSP, one has to give money to get a ticket, while on the contrary in Congress and BJP, that is not the system. Sachin Pilot had said money is not an issue, you ask what you want and you will get.

Malinga said that BJP had never reached out to him, and neither had he talked to them.

He added that he has no hostility with Pilot but he is speaking the truth.

On 12 July, former deputy CM Sachin Pilot declared revolt by claiming to have the support of more than 18 legislators. Since then Rajasthan jumped into a political crisis.  Although, he couldn’t prove the support of more than 18 legislators by the next day.

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