Former Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader, Sadhavi Prachi, has stoked a controversy after she said that Mulsim women should marry Hindu men to get rid of evil practices like Nikah Halala or Triple Talaq. She also requested Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, whom she described as her brother, to make sure that loudspeakers at mosques were switched off during the Kaanwar Yatra processions in the state.

The controversial statement has come when the Uttar Pradesh government is under fire for withdrawing cases related to the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots, which included hate speech cases against Prachi.

Mere bade bhai Yogi ji.. kam se kam.. jab tak Uttar Pradesh mein kaanwar tak Masjidon mein loud speaker band ho (My elder brother Yogi ji should ensure that till the time Kanwar processions are going on.. there should be ban on use of loudspeakers in the masjids),” Sadhvi was quoted by Indian Express as saying.

Advising Nida Khan Sadhvi to leave Muslim religion, she was quoted as saying that “I am fighting the battle for women for a long time. This problem of triple talaq, for which our sister Nida Khan of Bareilly is fighting, I would request her and other such women to leave the religion because either there would be talaq or halala there.”

She said that there would be no talaq or fear of halala if the Muslim women join the Hindu community. Asserting that Muslim women should leave the society, which only destroys the life of women, Sadhvi advised them to get married into Hindu community.

Sadhvi has been named in a case related to mahapanchayats held in Muzaffarnagar before violence gripped the region in 2013.

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