Former AIADMK leader V.K. Sasikala might be seen again in the field of Indian politics. In March this year, she gave a shocking announcement of stepping away from active politics. The leader, who worked as an interim General Secretary of AIADMK, was ousted by the party in 2017.

But a recent audiotape of the leader has presented a discrete political scenario of the state by indicating her possible political comeback. She recently contacted many key leaders of AIADMK by assuring them to join back party politics soon, sources revealed. “She calls at least seven to 10 people on a daily basis. Her message to them was clear about her coming back,” a special source close to the leader asserted.

V.K. Sasikala in the leaked audio was heard assuring various party members about her definite return and to meet them all. In one tape, Sasikala assured “Lawrence, I will definitely come.”, “You are all with me, I don’t have any fear. We will strengthen the party together.”, the other audio reveals.

Notable that Sasikala was released from jail in February this year after four long years of punishment for the disproportionate assets case. She was infected by Covid during her last term in jail. Following her release from jail, she was admitted to Bengaluru Hospital.

In March, she wrote a letter to the followers and members of AIADMK, confirming her withdrawal from active politics and thanked all the followers and supporters of Amma. But her recent leaked audiotape has seemed to devalue her previous decision.

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