The Supreme Court has recently become curious on the Centre’s vaccine policy. The Court has asked the Centre to submit a detailed report on how the entire population will be included under the vaccination policy. The court has also asked the Centre to submit a detailed report on the purchase of vaccines so far including orders placed with manufacturers.

On the other hand, after the global vaccine manufacturer’s confirmation to deal only with the Union Govt, the states are now seeking Centre to take the responsibility of “vaccines for all” without any delay. This increasing pressure has put the NDA led government in a critical condition to become more accountable towards the vaccination process. It is expected that the Union External Minister S Jaishankar would be able to tackle the vaccine procurement at his meeting with vaccine manufacturers in the US.

In such a situation of vaccine crisis, the Government’s decision to provide extra protection for foreign vaccine manufacturers has affected the mind-set of domestic vaccine companies. Indian vaccine industries like Serum Institute of India sought indemnity from the government as talks are on Govt may extend the  legal protection to the foreign vaccine companies like Pfizer, Moderna etc. “Not just Serum Institute of India, all the vaccine companies should get indemnity protection against liabilities if foreign companies are granted the same,” sources told ANI.