Overlooked for long, a case that destroyed the reputation of former ISRO scientist S. Nambi Narayanan finally seems to be heading towards justice. The central government has put its weight on a report submitted by Justice DK Jain’s panel appointed by the apex court to take on take the culpable cops to task for having caused “tremendous harassment” and “immeasurable anguish” to Narayanan.

As India is on the cusp of reforming its space-tech sector, countless contributions of unsung Indian scientists are now being recognized, but at the same time, former ISRO scientist S. Nambi Narayanan is still counting on his hopes to get justice in an espionage case where he was illegally arrested by Kerala police officials.

Sources suggest, a major development that can send ripples to the politics of Kerala is expected in this case ahead of polls in the state tomorrow. The central government has urged the top court to take account of the report submitted by Justice Jain’s committee and take action against the erring cops. 

CBI in its 1996 probe concluded that Narayanan’s arrest was illegal and a nexus of police and politicians had conspired to make Narayanan a scapegoat. The political chain of events around this case unfolded in such a manner in the past that it led to the resignation of then Chief Minister of Kerala, late K Karunakaran as he was targetted by a section of his own party, Congress. A lot of chaos is expected in Kerala as some of these Congressmen still hold strong positions in Kerala politics.

The cops had alleged that Narayanan was involved in the 1994 espionage case of ISRO,  In 1994, after Maldivian national Mariam Rasheeda was arrested for selling ISRO’s rocket designs to Pakistan, Kerala cops arrested Narayanan for giving these designs to her.  The case has sparked a row over the internet as people are now suspecting police and politicians to be involved in Narayanan’s arrest.