The Tamil Nadu state police and Central intelligence agencies have been on their feet and high vigilance after threats of an armed group trying to infiltrate from Sri Lanka were received. Security has been tightened along TN coastal areas after receiving news of infiltrators attempting to enter with rifles.

According to sources, an alert was issued by a Central intelligence agency on Saturday evening and the police have stepped up vigil in the towns of Kanyakumari, Toothukudi, Rameswaram, as well as in Chennai.

According to informed intelligence sources, a boat carrying armed operatives was seen heading towards Rameswaram coast. However, the sources revealed to one media houses that the exact identity of these people are not known and no details also of the organization that they belong to.

According to inputs received, security has been beefed up and an intense vigil is being maintained in the border areas with Karnataka as well. On other hand, recently Tamilian leaders called upon the state government to urge the Centre to pursue legal action over Chinese domination and not to allow a Galwan like situation to develop in the state.