Self-proclaimed godman Nithyananda once again landed into controversy on Wednesday, September 19, when she said he can make monkeys, cows and lions speak in Sanskrit and Tamil. Earlier the godman grabbed headlines for sexually harassing one of his devotees. The appaling comment by him as gone viral on social media after a video clip of his comment emerged. In the video, Nithyananda was found saying, “I will demonstrate…monkeys and other few animals, which do not have many of the internal organs we all have.”

The Godman further said that his statement comes after he recently discovered a software, which has been tested and it is working perfectly. He added that he will build “a proper, phonetic, linguistic-capable vocal cord for monkeys, linguistic-capable vocal cord for lion and tigers.”

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This is not the first time Nityananda has landed into controversy. In April 2010, he was arrested by Banglore police for sexually assaulting one of his devotees. He was booked for rape, criminal intimidation and cheating.

His ashram had been searched and his hard disks were also seized by the police. A report by said that he was also allegedly seen in a CCTV footage with a female actor.

Nithyananda, who claims to be the spiritual head of the Madurai Adheenam, Tamil Nadu had also announced to quit as the head of the ashram in Karnataka after his reported involvement in the rape case.

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One response to “Self-proclaimed Godman Nithyananda says he can make animals speak in Sanskrit, Tamil”

  1. You pretend to be a reputable journalistic publication but:
    1. Your own article is not properly proofread.
    2. You are quoting falsehoods as facts even though your own Indian High Courts have charged Sun TV and others with creating a morphed video and US courts have awarded judgments in favor of His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda over the false rape charger.
    3. You don’t know your own sacred Vedic heritage of Sanatana Dharma, including the revitisation of Hinduism by Adi Shankaracharya’s legacy when animals were well known to routinely recited the Vedic scriptures.

    Instead of the nonsense you vomit on the world, you should be at the forefront of news, waking up Bharat and Her people to their sacred responsibility in the world and of the Avatar who is here to guide us to the next superconscious breakthrough.

    Educate yourself before you attempt to ‘educate’ the world!

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