Losing their precious life while trying to do something thrilling, 3 boys hailing from Bengaluru were driven to death after they were run over by a train while they were taking selfies on Tuesday morning. The incident had taken place in Bidadi which is about 30 km away from the IT hub Bengaluru. 

According to reports, the deaths occurred between 9:30AM and 10AM. Out of three who were crushed under the train and died a painful death, two of them have now been identified. The boys were the students of the National College in Bengaluru. 

Following the incident, an investigation has been initiated by the police and the team which is probing the case is trying to figure out how far where the boys were when this sad incident happened.

Earlier on September 28, a boy from a group of students belonging to National College in Jayanagar died while the group was taking a selfie. As per reports, around 21 students of the national college were on a trek and in amidst the action they took a pause for a selfie break. Little did they knew that their selfie is about to capture the most tragic moment of their life.

While the group was busy taking pictures near the water, one of the students was skirmishing for his life as he eventually drowned around the afternoon.

Prior to that, on September 20, another life was lost while taking a selfie. The incident had taken place at Bengal’s Nadia district when a polytechnic student attempted to take a selfie with a running train but unfortunately it ended in a tragic incident. The student not only lost his life but also left another youngster seriously.

Rakesh Triguna, 23, and class nine student Suraj Mondal wanted to take the selfie about 1.5 kilometers from Kalyani station and upload it on social media.

They positioned themselves on the edge of the railway track with the Krishnanagar local just behind them.