At least five people were killed after a major fire broke out in a five-storeyed under-construction building in one of the campuses of vaccine major Serum Institute of India’s (SIIs) in Pune on January 21, 2021. Five people died in this fire incident, 2 from UP, 2 from Pune and 1 from Bihar, the building was into under construction, hence the vaccine didn’t get affected. A blaze broke out where hundreds of crores of damages, five people dead, eight buildings and expansion plans of the Serum Institute of India in Pune damaged. But what remained strange was just as India started rolling out the vaccine suddenly there was a fire.

NewsX exclusively had a panel of experts discussing the alleged sabotage plot by Xi Jingping led Chinese govt against the Serum Institute. Adar Poonawalla, CEO of the Serum Institute of India (SII), the largest vaccine manufacturer in the world, had previously said that existing production capacity is very stressed and that “we are still short of being able to supply to every Indian”. As India’s covid cases reached its all time high, the top most priority at the moment becomes to double up the vaccine production, so that each and every citizen of India can be vaccinated at the earliest.

When the fire broke out, China’s international mouthpiece, the Global Times reported when the fire broke out about what how incompetent the Indians are and their vaccine factory is unsafe. They further jumped on the bandwagon in an attempt to malign India and reported how the factory is burning up and people are dying. China made a global attempt to make us look incompetent and think of the poor safety standards. However investigations and probe by the Govt of India’s side didn’t yield any results so far and after months the mystery still remains about how the fire broke in the largest vaccine manufacturer in the world.

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