The BJP government in Uttarakhand has suggested withdrawal of case against BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi from Mussoorie, who was accused of assaulting police horse Shaktiman. Joshi, who was booked last year for rioting, hurting and killing Shaktiman, during a party rally. The brave horse’s leg was later fitted with an artificial leg, he couldn’t suffer the pain and succumbed to the injuries leaving many animal lovers with moist eyes after 37 days of a brave battle.

A letter was written to district magistrate, Ajay Rautela, by the Additional Secretary (Home). In the letter, Rautela has been instructed to do the needful and inform the government in the case. “Government has decided to withdraw the case in the public interest against Ganesh Joshi who was booked under various sections,” the read.
Joshi, a three-time MLA from Mussoorie, was arrested on March 18 last year after he was booked for allegedly hurting a police horse Shaktiman during a party rally held in capital on March 14.

The video of the incident went viral on the internet and sparked outrage across the country. Joshi was purportedly seen charging towards the white horse. The horse’s hind leg was amputated and a prosthetic leg was fitted, but it couldn’t survive and died on April 20. Shaktiman’s leg was amputated to stop gangrene spreading and is now on a prosthetic leg.

The Uttarakhand government later constructed a park named after police horse. The ‘Shaktiman Park’ was constructed in Dehradun Police Line. Shaktiman was a well-trained 13-year-old horse of the Uttarakhand Mounted Police for many years.

When the incident took place many eminent personalities from across the board came forward and criticised the incident. Virat Kohli, was shocked to see this brutal behaviour of the MLA and had tweeted for the voiceless animal at that time.