Another incident of public apathy in Uttar Pradesh was reported from Shamli near Muzaffarnagar. Due to a poisonous gas leak from ‘Sir Shadilal Sugar Mill’ more than 300 school children fell ill and have been subsequently hospitalised. After the incident came to light, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ordered a probe in this matter. The probe has been assigned to Saharanpur police commissioner. On the other hand, Shamli District Magistrate (DM) has been ordered to provide every facility and see that there is no lapse in the treatment of the children who have been affected by this gas leak.

The boiler of ‘Sir Shadilal Sugar Mill’ is situated on Budhana road. The wastage from the mill is dumped on this road and the water wastage is treated in a distillery nearby. Two schools named Saraswati Vidya Mandir and Saraswati Junior High School are located on the same road.

During the morning, the workers of the mill were spraying chemicals on the wastage and poisonous fumes emanated from the mixture. Some of the students passing-by fainted on the spot and others fainted once they reached school. The students also complained of burning sensation in the eyes.

There was absolute chaos inside the school after the incident. The government officials including the Chief Medical officer (CMO) are also present at the hospital.

According to reports, 12 children have been referred to Muzaffarnagar because their condition is critical. Some of the locals told NewsX that the mill is a complete nuisance in the area and there are traffic jams because of the mill along with illegal dumping of industrial waste. Some others also complained that the foul smell from the dumping ground and the wastage plant had been a cause of concern for the locals.