After serving newspaper readers with impact-driven stories for years with our weekly newspaper The Sunday Guardian, iTV Network proudly launches ‘The Daily Guardian’- Sharpest Kid On The Block, to quench your thirst for quality journalism every day of the week. As the world grappled with Covid-19 pandemic and witnessed the shutting down of newspapers globally, it was the vision and confidence of ITV group’s managing director Kartikeya Sharma of a better future that translated into a daily newspaper. 

On its path to become country’s finest daily newspaper, The Daily Guardian is led and supported by a incredible team of editors and contributing writers, which includes Professor Madhav Das Nalapat, Editorial Director, ITV Network, Joyeeta Basu, The Sunday Guardian Editor, Executive Editor Utpal Kumar and TSG Publisher Rakesh Sharma and others. 

From latest updates, best of editorials on policy & politics, legal matters, defence, lifestyle & entertainment to guest columns from esteemed personalities like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, The Daily Guardian endeavours to lead India towards becoming a soft superpower by giving a space to India’s finest minds to share their views on a multiplicity of issues.. 

Keeping in mind the changing landscape of the media industry and news in general, one can also access The Sunday Guardian and The Daily Guardian e-papers and get the latest copy with a touch and flick on your smartphone. 

Live Updates

The Daily Guardian mega physical newspaper launch live at 7 pm

Catch the mega physical newspaper launch of The Daily Guardian today on NewsX live at 7 pm. Joining us on the panel will be none other than the editorial team and contributors of The Daily Guardian.