Sheila Dikshit: Three-time chief minister Shiela Dikshit died in a hospital in Delhi on Saturday, leaving a political legacy behind. Her passing away was widely condoled in the country with people across the political spectrum mourning. Former Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that he was devastated to hear about the passing away of Sheila. He described the deceased as a beloved daughter of the Congress Party. She will be remembered for transforming the national capital. She made her name from becoming three-time chief minister to the development of Delhi during her tenure.

Sheila Dikshit will be remembered for these 10 things:

  1. Sheila became chief minister in 1998 and continued till 2013. She registered a victory in three consecutive elections due to her understanding of the politics. 
  2. She was not only the three-time chief minister but also Congress Delhi chief as well. She was appointed as the Congress head for Delhi six months before the Lok Sabha elections of 1998.
  3. In 1998 Assembly elections, she was the person behind overthrowing the BJP government and won 52 seats out of 70 in the Delhi Assembly.
  4. She has earned her name for the development of Delhi. In her tenure, she got 87 flyovers constructed to ensure smooth traffic on roads.
  5. The Congress leader also introduced compulsory CNG for the public transport in Delhi.
  6. The biggest achievement of Sheila was the Delhi Metro.
  7. In 2013, Delhi’s growth rate increased by 10.33 per cent.
  8. She started her political career from Uttar Pradesh as a Member of Parliament from Kannauj constituency in 1984.
  9. The former chief minister also served as the Union Minister in the Cabinet from 1986-1989 after picked by Rajiv Gandhi.
  10. In 1990, she had to land in jail for 23 days after leading a movement against the atrocities on women in Uttar Pradesh.


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