After Remdesivir and oxygen cylinders, black marketeers have found a new low and are running a running a bed mafia in Bengaluru. In a scam exposed by Bangalore South Member of Parliament Tejaswi Surya, these agents are blocking hospital beds and later trading them at exorbitant prices.

The racketeers use the BU numbers generated for each of the Covid positive cases and block the beds for about 12 hours. When the patient against whose number the hospital bed is blocked, it auto cancels the reservation.  This 12-hour window is being used by these racketeers to sell the beds in the black market.

Tejasvi Surya and his team has found over 5000 such  cancellations in the Bangalore alone in less than a week. Calling this a murder, Tejasvi emphasised that these beds should be otherwise used for treatment of Covid patients. He has further called for a high-level investigation and urged to book the culprits under the harshest sections. 

Had the scam not been operating, about 300-400 lives would have been saved given the right treatment and intensive care. This scam especially comes a huge embarrassment for the government since BBMP is being ruled by the BJP and the state government belongs to the BJP.