Air India Express flight passengers endured a turbulent journey on Saturday and not due to any occurrence of turbulence but because a male passenger stripped mid-air and started walking inside the plane completely naked. The flight crew took control of the situation by putting the passenger back into his seat and wrapped him in a blanket to pacify the agitated travellers.

As per reports, an unidentified passenger out of nowhere stripped naked while the Dubai to Lucknow flight was mid-air. After complaints from other passengers, two crew members swung into action, wrapped him into a blanket and kept him seated till the flight landed. The incident occurred on flight IX-194, which had over 150 passengers on board.

Reportedly, the flight landed at around 12 pm and the hostile passenger was handed over to the airport security. The authorities are yet to ascertain the reason for the passenger’s provocation.

While speaking to media, an Air India Express spokesman said, “As per the direction of the Captain of the flight, the passenger was handed over to Airlines Security at Lucknow Airport where the investigation is underway.”

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