In what can termed as another disgraceful and shameful incident, mortal remains of seven Indian soldiers were returned to in a way which is no less than an insult for martyrs who sacrificed their lives protecting the nation and life of common citizens. A shocking incident that insulted the valour and sacrifice of brave, courageous soldiers when mortal remains of seven army soldiers were found wrapped in cloth and covered in cardboard boxes.

The incident came to light when Lt Gen (retired) HS Panag shared the pictures of ‏martyrs on Twitter. Retired Army man Lt Gen HS Panag took to his Twitter account and exposed the way army soldiers mortal remains were being handled. Retired Lt Gen HS Panag while publishing the pictures on Twitter said, “Seven young men stepped out into the sunshine yesterday, to serve their motherland. India.
This is how they came home.”  

The way martyrs mortal remains were brought to the their respective places, it outraged and hurt the sentiments of common citizens who also took to Twitter and criticised the administration the way martyrs were disrespected by the concerned authorities. Many people reacted on Twitter and held the administration responsible for this insensitive act.

As the pictures went viral on social media, people started reacting. Responding to one the users on Twitter who questioned, Is this the body bag their families received? The retired Lt Gen HS Panag said that later they were put into coffins. Initially also proper body bags should have been used even if coffins could not reach there. HS Panag while replying to another random user asserted “all units must hold proper military body bags at all forward locations. You can not use cartons and gunny sacks.”

Further clarifying his point, Lt Gen (retired) HS Panag said, “My tweet is for the IAF and the Indian Army. The bodies must be placed in proper body bags and not cartons. No point of displaying coffins later … Coffins are in any case not available in field. The issue is our Armed Forces do not have proper body bags.”