Sitapur rape threat:

In yet another shocking incident of hate speech, a Hindu seer has gone ahead to issue rape threat. A video that is now going viral, a safron-clad seer, who has now been identified as Bajrang Muni Das, the mahant of Maharshi Shri Lakshman Das Udasin Ashram in Khairabad town, can be heard saying that if any Hindu girl is teased by a man belonging to a particular community, he will rape a woman of that community.

The video was reportedly recorded when the seer was taking out a procession on the occasion of Navratri. When the procession reached near a mosque, he said on a loudspeaker, “I am telling this to you with all the love that if a single Hindu girl is teased by you in Khairabad, I will openly bring your daughter and daughter-in-law out of your home and rape her.”

A probe has been launched by the Sitapur police against the seer under Additional Superintendent of Police North Rajiv Dikshit. National Commission Of Women (NCW) has issued a statement condemning the incident and sought the seer’s arrest at the earliest.

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While this is not the first case of hate mongering, rape threats against the women of a particular community are a new low. At a time when the country at large is dealing with issues like the Hijab row and Halal meat controversy, such hate mongers and such threats should not be tolerated at any cost. Just an arrest is not enough. The society at large needs to disown this seer and set an example.

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