According to latest updates by private weather forecaster Skymet, the Monsoon rains have been speculated to be normal this year. Skymet shared this news on the social media platform through Twitter. Skymet tweeted, “Good news for the country, expect normal monsoon this year.” At 100 % of the long-period average (LPA) of 887 millimetres for the upcoming four-month period from June to September the monsoon is likely to remain normal, as per reports in a leading daily.
Moreover, as per India the average, or normal, rainfall is considered to be in between 96% and 104% of a 50-year average or LPA of 89 centimetres for the entire season of four months. Meanwhile, the India Meteorological Department or IMD in the state will be outing the details of monsoon forecast in the middle of April this year. Also, a normal monsoon is very important for crops such as rice, cane, corn, soybeans and cotton.
The SkymetWeather forecast has further drawn up that there will be 55% chance of a normal monsoon that is between 96% and 104% of LPA. 20% chance of both above normal and below normal rainfall, is likely to occur and 5% of excess rainfall.While, the southern parts of Indian coastal such as Karnataka, Kerala and south interior Karnataka are likely to be receiving less rainfall this year. In addition to, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu likely to see lesser rainfall activity while Telangana is likely to experience normal rainfall. Meanwhile, the southwest winds from Pakistan pushed temperatures in the northern parts of India well above average as Delhi soared to 99 degrees last week. The local weather forecasters said that it was the hottest so far this season.

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