Jharkhand: A tribal man has been killed while three others were injured in an attack by an angry mob after it suspected them to have slaughtered an ox in the Gumla district of Jharkhand on Wednesday. According to the reports, police have informed that the incident took place on Wednesday, April 10, 2018, when four tribal men were spotted cutting the flesh of a dead ox in Jhumro village late night.

Police further said that all the four tribals were attacked by a mob and one person among the tribal men was beaten to death, while the other three were injured yet survived the horrific incident. It has been reported that the mob had attacked the tribal men over suspicion of having slaughtered the cow. However, a source close to the police has said that a police team has been formed to apprehend the suspected people involved in the murder who are mainly non-tribals.

Meanwhile, people on social media have made several comments over this dreadful incident, according to a tweet by Vishal Dadlani on Twitter,  this year’s election is compared to be a legit circus while the voters have been compared to be the monkeys performing in a circus. While another tweet has criticised the RSS and BJP, the tweet says that these two parties can rejoice for murdering an innocent man in the name of cows.

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