Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Social media users troll Kunal Kamra on roasting Carry Minati

Social Media users trolled Kunal Kamra for being so bad at his jokes on Carry Minati, Carry Minati fans asked Kunal Kamra to leave comedy as he has become a politician now and wanted to state controversies only. Earlier this month Carry uploaded a video where he raosted TikTok users and demanded ban on TikTok. Carry Minati’s content got loved by the audience and he marked fastest 1 Miliion likes. After 2 days Youtube deleted Carry Minati’s video as the content violates the rules, Carry’s fans got upset and started a trend to bycott TikTok.

Now, Kunal Kamra who got immense popularity for his anti-government thoughts made a video to roast Carry Minati. Although the video got 3.1 million views till now but he managed to got fastest dislike on his content. People gave very bad feedback over his content and said that he was just putting out his frustration and it was not about the comedy at all. He now wanted to save his career in comedy and that is why he is now using a 20-year-old successfull boy to get some attention.

Carry’s fans said that Kamra has successfully executed his plan as he got sufficient attention and sufficient views on YouTube but the reality of his content could be seen by the number of dislikes the reviews. Tweeple make a meme fest over Kunal Kamra for his content and for his frustration. Carry Minati seemed very upset about it and said that this is a difference between Kamra and carry.


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