Scores of people travel through Mumbai railways on daily basis. However, recently the railway authorities in Mumbai found a ticketless traveller and in order to recover the fine, they sold off the traveller. Now, it may sound a little rude on railways part but the traveller who failed to but the ticket and also couldn’t afford to pay the fine was a goat that was left stranded in a coach by its owner. Reports add that on Wednesday, the rail authorities found a man travelling with a goat. As soon as the goat owner found that he was being approached by a ticket checker, he left the goat in train and fled from the spot.

Travelling in railways along with animals is prohibited and invites a heavy fine. The owner was confronted by a railway authority at Masjid Station of the local railways.  

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Reports add that the man hadn’t bought the ticket and after he was the TC coming his way he abandoned the goat and ran away leaving the TC with the goat.

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After realising that the owner of the goat is not coming back, they consulted several authorities and decided to put out an auction of the goat. Just to make sure that no harm comes to the goat, the authorities also designated a railway employee to take care of the goat.

After taking care of the goat for a few days, they fixed the auction price of the goat at Rs 3000. Days went by but they couldn’t find a buyer for the goat. The caretaker later named the goat, Basanti.

The authorities again gave Basanti’s auction a shot and found a buyer at Rs 2500. Ironically, the actual fine for travelling without a ticket on the train is Rs 256. While the rail authorities got their money and the owner escaped his punishment but what about the rights of the poor goat which was auctioned. There are no reports suggesting who bout the goat and what will happen to the goat.

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