Thursday, September 29, 2022

Sonali Phogat death probe: Pricey cars, furniture missing from BJP leader’s farmhouse

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According to media reports surrounding Sonali Phogat’s mystery death, the furniture and costly automobiles stored at the BJP leader’s home in Haryana have gone missing, just as the Goa Police is investigating the suspected murder case.

According to a media report, Sonali Phogat was in possession of three automobiles, including a Mahindra Scorpio, according to the allegation. The farmhouse alone is valued around Rs 110 crore.

Sudhir Sangwan, a close colleague of the BJP politician who has been arrested in connection with Phogat’s killing, has been named in the family’s charges. The family claims that Sangwan was for Phogat’s fortune.

According to a recent Goa Police statement, Sangwan was interested in Sonali Phogat’s extravagant mansions and possessions, which might have led to her suspected murder.

According to Goa Police, Sangwan intended to pay Sonali annually for the Rs 110 crore home over the period of 20 years. Sangwan allegedly desired a contract in which he would just have to pay Rs 60,000 per year for the property.

Sangwan, along with another Phogat acquaintance, was charged with killing the TikTok celebrity and was subsequently apprehended by the Goa Police. The PA allegedly admitted to putting drugs in Phogat’s water at a party and forced her to drink them.

Sonali Phogat died barely a day after landing in Goa on August 23. Doctors deemed her death a heart attack in the preliminary report, however many “blunt force injuries” on her were found during the BJP leader’s post-mortem.

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