The world’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) integrated voice assistant in a news studio will be out in an hour on NewsX, the English news channel, on Monday. With artificial intelligence dictating every sphere of activity, it is but natural that news TV will also make room for AI. At NewsX AI, the studio voice assistant will feature in daily programming and on special events including Budget 2019 and the 2019 General Elections. This will enable accurate data sets being used in programming, including for the budget and general elections, and that too in normal newsroom as well as breaking news situations.

As part of the initiative, NewsX has integrated the state-of-the-art technology directly with the organisation’s PCR system to provide simultaneous audio/video output live on-air. Questions regarding facts and data on Budget 2019 and the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections will be presented in a fast-paced environment for viewers’ benefit. Watch the 5 pm broadcast for how exciting the voice assistant can play a role in the future of live newscasting.

Speaking on this, Kartikeya Sharma, Founder and Promoter, iTV Network, said, “iTV Network is always committed to its viewers, customers and partners to innovate best practices and introduce future technologies to improve viewer experience, interactivity and access, NewsX AI Studio Voice Assistant (SVA) is definitely being a giant leap into the cutting edge of the future of live news casting.”

Fears of AI being the subject of cult films and fiction, the voice assistant will not be ceded control of critical PCR operations.

Apart from that, the voice assistant will be part of studio discussions and events to take questions. Many more projects on the similar line are in the pipeline at iTV Network.

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