Tuesday, August 9, 2022

“Space Taxi”: Indian startups Bellatrix Aerospace and Skyroot Aerospace partner to launch vehicle for satellites

Bellatrix Aerospace, a space-tech startup has recently announced a partnership with Skyroot Aerospace to ship small satellites into various orbits. As per the partnership, Bellatrix Aerospace is building a “Space Taxi” and this vehicle will be launched on the Vikram rocket of Skyroot Aerospace.

Electric and chemically powered thrusters or engines have been built by Bellatrix Aerospace to manoeuvre satellites in the space. Bellatrix also partnered with SatSure a few days ago to strengthen its remote sensing satellites’ fleet.

A media agency reported that according to the co-founder of Bellatrix Aerospace, Yashas Karanam, Bellatrix Aerospace aims to launch the space vehicle into the lower orbit of the earth in the year 2023. Yashas added that this “taxi in space” will offer ridesharing to small satellites and will drop each passenger to their intended slots in the space.

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Bellatrix Aerospace is the 2nd company in the entire world that is working on building an Orbital Transfer Vehicle (OTV). The first company is US-based Momentus, which is awaiting confirmation from the authorities in the US.

Skyroot Aerospace was founded in 2018 by former Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) scientists. Skyroot Aerospace is expected to launch “Vikram” rocket by the end of this year.

India recently gave a much-needed boost to its Space sector by allowing private companies into the sector. Currently, over 50 space tech Indian companies are working on such space projects.

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