Amidst the raging virus wreaking havoc in the country over 40 nations have offered their assistance to India as the country battles against Coronavirus. India has received Covid-19 aid from 14 countries as of May 3rd but the question that looms over is – how and when are these supplies going to reach the required places?

The second wave of the COVID 19 pandemic has hit India like a tsunami. The major cities of the country are witnessing their population scrambling for medical assistance. The unavailability of oxygen beds in cities like Delhi, Bangalore, and Lucknow tells a ghastly story of India’s health infrastructure. The demands for medical essentials especially oxygen has outstripped its availability in the country.

Details of the supply received by the country-

Oxygen Concentrators – 1,676
Ventilators – 965
Oxygen cylinders (Different sizes) – 1,799
Oxygen Cylinder Regulators – 1,023
Oxygen Cylinder Adaptors – 20
Oxygen Generating Plants – 9
High flow humidified oxygen therapy devices – 20
Bedside Monitors – 150
BiPAPs, Coveralls, Goggles, Masks – 480
Pulse Oximeters – 210
Abbott Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits – 8,84,000
N-95 face masks – 9,28,800
Remdesivir – 1,36,000
Electric Syringe Pumps – 200
AFNOR/BS Flexible tubes – 28
Anti-Bacterial Filters – 500
Machine Filters and Related Patient Circuits – 1,000

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While a large chunk of foreign aid has been used to alleviate the oxygen-related shortage in the country, the clarity of its distribution to different states is a question that remains unanswered. Lav Agarwal, health ministry spokesperson during a press briefing on Friday said ‘“The health ministry is trying to understand and collect the foreign aid and supplies that are coming from other nations, various countries. Their logistics and movement are currently being worked out. There has been no clarity made on which department, web portal, or official to reach out to get data on the distribution of foreign aid. Several news agencies have tried to collect information regarding the distribution of the aid coming to India but couldn’t get any significant pieces of information.

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