Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy has once again sparked controversy for speaking against his party. In a recent tweet, the BJP leader claimed that democracy will be in danger if the country was left with BJP as a single party.

While giving solutions to the alleged threat to democracy he said the Italians and Progeny should leave, therefore taking an indirect dig at Congress’s Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. Then he suggested that Mamata Banerjee should be made the President of United Congress followed by the Nationalist Congress Party and others.

Though the tweet was a bit difficult to comprehend (pun intended), one thing that stood apart is the fact that Swamy’s words would certainly won’t go well with the BJP. The former union cabinet minister in the past as well has spoken against the party.

In May this year, Swamy had made headlines for making remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an interview to HuffPost where he said he was unhappy that Modi had kept him out of the party and that some of his close friends feel threatened by his presence.

He had said that the PM Modi-led government had failed on the economic front but would be re-elected with a majority on Hindutva. He had also said that the Modi government would have been looking at only 160 seats in the election had it not been the Balakot air strikes.

Swamy, in fact, suggested Nitin Gadkari as Prime Ministerial replacement saying he was as good as Modi.  A six-time parliamentarian, he is an unapologetic proponent of Hindu nationalism. Following an opinion piece that he penned in 2011 that had outrageous statements against Indian Muslims, Harvard University dropped the two summer school courses he taught.

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