Surat police on Saturday found a dead body of an 11-year-old girl with hundreds of Injuries, including some on private parts. Sources have reported that the girl possibly tortured for at least 7 days before she was choked to the death. The deceased has many injuries on her body which are possibly 7 to 8 days old. The local police has registered the case taken the body into the custody for further investigation. Sources have reported that police has also sent some samples for forensic tests to determine whether she was sexually assaulted or not.        

The forensics head of the Civil Hospital, Surat said that it seems like most of the injuries were caused by a wood and finally, the girl was strangled. “On conducting a post-mortem, we found wounds on her body which were between one to seven days old. She had 86 external injuries on her body,” Civil Hospital forensics head Ganesh Govekar said.

The body was found by the police in Surat’s Bhestan area, but the body has not been identified yet. “The body of the 11-year-old girl was found around 6 am near a road next to a cricket ground by people on their morning walk… We are trying to establish the identity of the girl,” said the investigating officer, KB Jhala.

A few days ago, similar incidents happen in Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir and Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh. “As a country, as a society, we all are ashamed of it (rapes),” PM Modi said of the crimes that have jolted the country.

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