After reports surfaced on social media that 2016 surgical strike’s commanding officer Lt General will be joining the Indian National Congress (INC), the former commanding officer has denied such claims clarifying that he hasn’t joined the Congress party. When asked to comment on speculations, the commander said Congress has only asked him to prepare a report on national security, therefore he was not linked to the party directly, as reported by ANI.

Hooda, who was the General Officer commanding-in-chief of the northern command during the 2016 surgical strike had said that Congress roped him particularly to prepare a vision document for the country’s security. On Thursday, the Congress party requested Hooda to prepare a document for the country’s national security. The move by the Congress party has come two months after the former Army commander called the surgical strikes as overhyped and politicised.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi has begun to set up a Task Force on National Security to prepare a vision paper for the country, as told by the opposition party to ANI. It also said that Task Force will be led by Hooda who has also been assigned to prepare the vision document in consultation with a group of experts.

Hooda received flak for calling surgical strikes overhyped, of which he was the commanding officer too. He said that the military operation was important, however, the politicisation of the security operation should be given a thought. Further, he added, ” I do think that there was too much hype over it.” The former commander added, the committee to work on national security document will prepare a report to guide India’s national security for the next five years, and once it’s prepared, the report will be available in the public domain for discussions and debate.

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