The daughter of a senior Indian Police Service (IPS) officer on Saturday threw a tantrum when a police officer stopped her car during a routine police check near Marina beach in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. In a video that has gone viral on social media, the woman can be seen threatening and abusing the police officer. According to reports, after the entire incident, the IPS’ daughter met with the Police Commissioner and filed a complaint against the officer that stopped her vehicle.

The police were carrying out a routine check of vehicles on Saturday night in order to check on people driving under the influence of alcohol. Noticing some suspicious activity happening in the woman’s car, she was stopped. When the police officer asked her to allow him to check her car, it made her furious and she directed a rant of abuses at him. She asked him his name and threatened him with dire consequences for his behaviour.

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The whole tantrum was recorded by the policeman and was later shown to the higher police authorities. The video shows the woman telling the cop that she will make sure he is sacked while the cop is justifying that he is only doing his duty. It was later found out that the woman’s father name is Tamilselvan, who is an ADGP rank officer in Coastal Security Group, Chennai.

If the reports are to be believed, the woman’s car was stopped after the policeman suspected that a couple of people inside her car were consuming liquor. After the ruckus, the woman and her friends filed a complaint against the police constable with the Police Commissioner’s office.

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