A teenage girl from Thiruvallur, Tamil Nadu on Tuesday stabbed her mother to death after she was stopped from eloping with one of her online friends. The accused identified as a college going student, Devipriya, had fallen for her Facebook friend, identified as Suresh, who works at a garment shop, and wanted him to take her to his hometown. The incident happened when her mother saw her leaving with packed bags and tried to stop her from eloping.

According to reports, the accused was trying to elope with 2 friends of her online boyfriend as Vivek himself couldn’t come to pick her up. The accused, angry at being stopped, then stabbed her mother to death, police said.

However, hearing the commotion inside the house, neighbours alerted the police and gathered outside and when the girl tried to run away with the 2 boys, villagers caught them and eventually handed them over to the police.

According to police officials, Devipriya and Suresh met on Facebook and subsequently developed a strong relationship with him. The duo had not met in person yet, a police official stated.

The police also revealed that Suresh had lied about his profession to Devipriya. He had told her that he was an IT professional, however later during the interrogation, it was revealed that he worked in a garment shop in Andhra Pradesh.

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