A 25-year-old woman who was kept bound and chained down by her brothers and sister in law in Jagtial district of Telangana was rescued by the police on Thursday. The victim claimed that she was kept confined inside a dark room and was fed minimal as her woes went unnoticed by the family members, meanwhile, the family members claimed that her mental condition was unstable that’s why she had to be tied down. The police came to action as soon as the neighbours alerted them about the assault and recovered the victim.

On being rescued, victim Geetha narrated her ordeal and revealed that she was grievously tortured by her brothers and sister-in-law. “I kept crying and requested them to spare me but they didn’t listen. Because of continuous chaining, my hands used to swell, still, they did not unlock me. They used to torture me daily with chilli powder and stuffed a cloth in my mouth,” she told the police during the probe. The torture for Geetha didn’t end there as she was not even allowed to use the toilet and all her movements were confined to a certain area. “They did not even allow me to use toilets,” she told the police.

Police have started their investigation into the matter and have registered a case against the family members under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) Section 341 (Punishment for wrongful restraint). Speaking to ANI, Superintendent of Police, Jagityal Anantha Sharma, said, “I visited the spot and inquired about the incident and victim. Some neighbours said she is mentally ill. We are taking help of the Lunacy Act and will produce the victim in court for better treatment.”

As per reports, Geetha is a graduate and was working as a teacher before being trapped by her family members. A police official investigating the case told ANI that they will take the help of Lunacy Act and will produce the victim in court. She will be taken to a hospital in Hyderabad for assessment and treatment, she added.