Hathras Rape attack is horrendous and horrific. The Hathras Rape victim was subjected to unthinkable and unimaginable torture. Her tongue was slashed, bones were smashed and her spinal cord was seriously damaged. This is barbarity at it worst.

When the incident took place more than a fortnight back, why was no action taken? Why was not SIT set up earlier? Was UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath waiting for phone call from Prime Minister Modi? It was on Prime Minister Modi phone call that SIT was set up.

Her family was deprived of the privilege of bringing home the body and performing her last rites.

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Hathras rape victim is a Dalit. Of late, Dalits are being subjected to untold suffering and hardship under the Modi dispensation. This is an Anti-Dalit Government.

On the other hand, Capt Uttam, MP & Telangana PCC President severely condemned the UP police for misbehaviour with Rahul Ji who was going to console the family members of the dalit rape victim

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