On Sunday, BJP Telangana MLA T Raja Singh said that he has tendered his resignation to the state party president to dedicate his time in protecting cows. BJP MLA from Goshamahal constituency in Hyderabad added that he doesn’t want his following move to be linked to BJP. Stating that the ignorance from the state-ruled party is behind this decision, T Raja said that he had submitted his resignation to BJP Telangana president Dr K Laxman some four days ago on August 8. He said that that cow slaughter is what instigated him to take this step and his party has nothing to do with him tendering his resignation.

Tendering his resignation from the post, BJP MLA Raja Singh said that the Government in Telangana is not taking appropriate steps to protect cows from getting slaughtered in Hyderabad. He further accused the LC’s of the ruling party of exporting cattle. He added that the cattle are being exported for Mulsim festival Bakri Eid and added that they are starving the animal at their houses. Raja Singh said that he was ready to go any extent to protect cows who he treats like his mother.

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Further commenting on his resignation, BJP MLA Raja Singh said that it had nothing to do with his party and he just wanted to focus on protecting cows. Slamming the Opposition Raja Singh said that people are blaming PM Modi over such incidents but he doesn’t want his actions to be linked to the party.

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Notably, this is the third time that Telangana BJP MLA Raja Singh has tendered his resignation in past 2 years. Earlier, he had resigned in 2017 form his party but later took it back.

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